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Justin Dorfman is Sticker Mule's Director of Developer Relations and is responsible for championing the needs of Open Source developers. Previously, Justin worked as an Open Source advocate for MaxCDN.

Justin started BootstrapCDN in 2012 and is heavily involved with the FOSS community contributing to Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Grunt, FSF, jQuery Foundation, Twemoji, Nginx & GNU Bash. He also serves on the Selection Committee for Mozilla's Open Source Support (MOSS) program as well a co-founder/organizer of Sustain, a one-day event for Open Source Software sustainers.

Past Talks

js.la Subresource Intregrity Talk

js.la 2017 - Santa Monica, CA

js.la runs events that bring you the best speakers talking about JavaScript and related internet technologies, as well as educational workshops like NodeSchool and general gatherigs like lunch.js.

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All Things Open 2016

DevRel Summit 2017 - Seattle, Washington

DevRel Summit is a professional development day for industry professionals working with developer communities. The day included talks, discussion corners, and breakout exercises to showcase the best practices in current use.

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All Things Open 2016

All Thing Open 2016 - Raleigh, North Carolina

A conference exploring open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise

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Open Source Bridge 2016

Open Source Bridge 2016 - Portland Oregan

Open Source Bridge is an annual conference focused on building open source community and citizenship through four days of technical talks, hacking sessions, and collaboration opportunities. My talk "Open Source is People" was a fork off my OSCON talk.

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O'Reilly OSCON 2016 - Austin Texas

OSCON is where the open source community gathers to celebrate achievements, spark new ideas, and map the future of open computing through collaboration and education. My talk "What comes after Git push?" inspired 3 audience members to become paid members of the OSI.

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GitHub Satellite 2016 - Amsterdam

In May 2016, over 500 developers converged in Amsterdam for GitHub Satellite. I was on a panel with 4 other Open Source Contributors talking about how collaborative and accessible open source projects depend on the efforts of dedicated maintainers and contributors to flourish.

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